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Christmas & New Year

We have learned a lot over the last few years in regard to Setting Realistic Expectations for our Clients.

ALL ORDERS PLACED between now and Thursday December 24th are subject to DELIVERY FLEXIBILITY regardless of what date you choose when you place your order. Which means, we will deliver your order as soon as it is completed by our Designers. 

We run on a very limited staff and find that Daily Operations can be wildly unpredictable, especially in the Winter Months when freezing temperatures can be such a concern. This is the primary reason we only offer “Designer’s Choice” Seasonal Design through the Holiday weeks; this allows us the time we need to focus on our Production of Beautiful Long Lasting Floral Designs.

We are Professionals in our Field and are Confident that we have the Expertise to create a beautiful Seasonal Design appropriate for the Season. We utilize Seasonal Blooms such as Chrysanthemums, Roses, Pompons, Larkspur, Delphinium, Carnations, Dianthus, Hypericum, Veronica, Star of Bethlehem, Snapdragons and more. Each Designer's Choice Design is unique and will feature Fragrant Evergreens such as Cedars, Pine, Juniper, Fir as well as Silvery Eucalyptuses and assortments of Red, White, Green & Yellow Seasonal Blooms in the Value you choose when you place your order.

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