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Short Notice Options

Because of the nature of perishable inventory such as fresh cut flowers and the lack of a local supplier of such items, our inventory can be unpredictable.

So, orders placed with short notice are subject to what we have in store at the time you place your order and we ask that you trust us to do what we do best, create Floral Magic.

We will use our Expertise and the freshest most lovely blooms we have to design something appropriate for the occasion you're ordering for. Thank you for Trusting the Process and Trusting us. We appreciate you.

::Please Note:: Orders placed within 24 hours of Requested Date are subject to Delivery Flexibility. We are masters of our craft, but sometimes our magic is depleted, and we must prioritize orders based on the order in which they were placed. Meaning we may need to deliver your Order a day Earlier or a day Later depending on our operational needs. Admittedly, this is a very rare occurrence, but it happens.

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