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Our Collections-Valentine's

Valentine's Day is Wednesday February 14th. Items listed below are available for PREORDER only, These items will not be available for delivery before February 6th. <br> HOLIDAY DELIVERY POLICIES Please note that due to nature of the holiday, all orders placed for delivery between February 7th and February 14th are subject to DELIVERY FLEXIBILITY, unless you opt for PRIORITY DELIVERY. <br> Q) What does Delivery Flexibility mean? A) All orders placed will be delivered as soon as the design is complete, REGARDLESS of the date you request when you place your order, UNLESS you opt for PRIORITY DELIVERY. <br> Q) What does PRIORITY DELIVERY mean? A) If you select Priority Delivery, we will HOLD the order for Delivery on WEDNESDAY the 14th and will Priority Route your order on 1 of the first 3 delivery routes of the day. Delivery attempt for all Priority orders will be completed by 2pm or 6pm depending on which you choose.

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