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MD-Monthly Subscription Delivery
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Product Description

There comes a time when every Mother will say, I don't want any "STUFF" for Mother's Day. I get it. Less is more.

Making positive memories is really the most valuable gift you can give any Mom.

So, why not share the Magic of a Floral Subscription?!

Here's how it works....

1) Choose a what Type of Subscription

Wrapped Blooms or Arranged in a Glass Vessel

2) Choose Size

Each Subscription has 2 price points. $25 or $50

3) Choose of Often you'd like to pick up your Blooms.

Available Weekly on Friday/Saturday or Every Other Week on Friday/Saturdays

4) Choose Duration

Available in 1 Month (4 Weeks), 2 Months (8 Weeks), 3 Months (12 Weeks)

5) Choose which Day you'd like to Pick Up your Blooms

Shareable Subscriptions can be scheduled for Friday or Saturday.
Our Storefront is conveniently located inside the Mendenhall Mall with lots of close parking. We are open from 12pm-6pm on both days so swinging by is easy peasy.

MD-Monthly Subscription Delivery


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